"Miller Ink Illustration and Design, Barrie, Ontario, Canada"

"Art", a character created for The MacLaren Art Centre in Barrie, Ontario.

The character was used to publicize the reconstruction and move to new gallery facilities in the remodeled former library.

Used in print brochures, stickers and signs

"Little Art" was created as a companion piece to "Art".

The character was used in print, signs and vehicle signs to brand the art education programme at The MacLaren Art Centre in Barrie, Ontario.

A Caricature created for the successful bidder at a fundraising auction for a local charity.

Created as a Black and White and Watercolour painting, framed for presentation.

A Caricature used by a Chartered Accountant to publicize a move during the winter to new premises.

Printed on flyers.

Cartoon created for a Marina, featuring boat models available for sale.

The design was screen-printed on Tee Shirts.

Cartoon is one off a series of characters created for a Paging and Messaging service.

Printed in large formatt for trade show display, and used in print and on web site

Character created for The City of Barrie, Ontario. The city was promoting a new initiative to apartment building managers and custodians to encourage waste recycling.

Tee shirts, printed material, and bags.

"Ski Together" for a ski day hosted by BNI, a business network. The theme was "ski & network with other small businesses.

Print and Email flyers.

A caricature for for a local restaurant, featuring the chef/owner

Created as a black and white and watercolour painting, framed for presentation.

A charicature of a Hairstylist, part of an uncompleted series.

"How Secure are Your Computers?" A posterboy for a computer security company.

Used in printed brochure, website, and in-store.

Characters for 2 Electricians in NYC.

Printed business cards.

Character for a Property Maintenace company, featuring the owner and his 1955 GMC truck.

"M. le Medecin" was one of a series of cartoons used in a French language text book for secondary school students.


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Miller,Ink Illustration and Design, Barrie, Ontario.