"Miller Ink Illustration and Design, Barrie, Ontario, Canada"

"Ant Construction" presentation brochure with insert pages describing custom home designs and features.

Used in print brochures.

Cover of the anniversary edition of "Canadian Airport Management" magazine, distributed across Canada.


"How Secure are Your Computers?" Logo design, photography and photo manipulation usrd to create layout.

Printed brochure, website, and in-store.

Presentation brochure for an engineering firm to describe their services, directed mainly at municipalities.

Photography and photo manipulation usrd to create layout.


Sign for local television station to highlight new association with Toronto Raptors basketball.

Highway sign

Magazine ad layout for company building bird-control device for airports.


Magazine ad layout for company building runway marking systems for airports.


Display panel for a Paging and Messaging service.

Printed in Large formatt for Trade show display, and used in print and on Web site

Rack Card for a Book-keeping Service. The emphasis is on liberating the small business owner from the difficult task of keeping accurate accounts, and allowing them more free time for business or family life.


One of a series of presentation pages for an Environmental Engineering Company. An interesting project, prepared in a very compressed time frame, in two languages, for a proposal to a foreign government. Later transfered to a file format for in-house use.

Print, electronic media

"Recycle" Kids' recycle package for City of Barrie.

Garment silkscreen

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Miller,Ink Illustration and Design, Barrie, Ontario.